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Cloud computing can benefit a business

SCORE Phoenix explains the "cloud".
SCORE Phoenix explains the "cloud".
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A recent blog item from the Phoenix SCORE ( chapter sheds some what this thing called the “cloud” really is. We have been hearing a lot about the benefits of the “cloud”, but many of us are baffled by what is does and why it is so beneficial.

The SCORE article makes it clear from the beginning that the “cloud” is much like an electric company. You plug in your device and you are ready to go. “Cloud” is really a metaphor to signify that you don’t see any hardware or manage the software so everything seems invisible. However, SCORE points out, in today’s fast paced computer world it is an easy, affordable way for companies to manage IT needs without the cost of hiring an IT pro on staff.

Gmail, the article points out, is a good example of using the “cloud”. “You sign up, have access at anytime, anywhere on any device and you can send and receive email from around the world without having any technical knowledge of how email works,” the article states. Google is the one that employs the people who are the specialists that make the “cloud” work.

What are the advantages of “cloud computing”?

· You are able to access all programs as well as data using your browser on any device.

· It is up and running quickly.

· Costs are less when compared to conventional software programs in most instances.

· You don’t have to own or maintain servers and storage.

· No worries about updates or new versions because they are usually included and done on your behalf.

· Cost is predictable and easy to manage.

Here are a few popular “cloud” services: Netflix, Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and gaming systems like X-box and PlayStation. Data Center Knowledge predicts that businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, will take small steps to migrate out of their own on premises data centers into more secure and reliable environments.

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