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Cloud 9 - the ultimate Las Vegas Show!


The ultimate “Las Vegas Show”
There is little doubt that you come to Las Vegas to enjoy the finest entertainment in the world, and to explore the entertainment capitol of the world. Las Vegas’ most recent attraction certainly allows you to do just that; to literally SEE the entertainment capitol of the world. Situated just across from Mandalay Bay Resort Casino is the world’s biggest helium balloon. For less than $25.00 you can rise above the crowds and enjoy a view of Las Vegas and the ‘strip’ like never before! This tethered balloon ride gives you uninterrupted views and photographic opportunities. Wind and weather permitting you can rise above it all both day and night! No expense has been spared by developer Kevin Michaels to create a true Las Vegas entertainment spectacular. The grounds and the departure lounge have untold surprises in store for your visit –don’t miss this amazing experience!
All the details are available at
I know you’ll enjoy!
Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD ( )


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