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Clothing store calls people fat? New Fatyo sizes listed as twitch, skinny, jumbo

A clothing store calling their customers sounds incredibly rude and even absurd, but a new Japanese brand has done just that in a sense after incorporating their personally picked people sizes. Instead of the clothes company following the conservative terms like small, medium, and large, “Fatyo” instead lists its only sizes as twitch, skinny, fat, and jumbo. UPI News reveals this Wednesday, June 4, 2014, in their inside report that while the brand may just be trying to grab public attention with the strange labeling choices, they may be doing more harm to good over time to the self-esteem of their future customers.

Clothing store now sells sizes in skinny and fat
Twitter Photo File, (TheGloss)

Fatyo has come up with a new way to attract interest while attempting to be funny likely just demeaning their consumers. The emerging clothing store situated in Japan quite literally calls their customers fat by labeling a total of four sizes available at their stores: Twitch or Skinny, and Fat or Jumbo.” While these roughly translate to the regular size moderators of small, medium, and large (or extra large), the titles are being called unconventional by some and simply cruel by others.

Of course, Fatyo isn’t the first company to try out the idea of labeling sizes with different phrases to offer customers a new take on their products. Starbuck’s Coffee, for example, never uses the word “small” in their marketing, instead opting for the much more appealing sounding “tall” instead. Yet while this clever marketing strategy sounds just fine when it comes to buying a certain amount of a specialty drink, having someone buy a shirt size labeled “fat” seems highly counterproductive, as weight is a different issue altogether.

She Finds News relayed yesterday through that coverage that the Japanese Fatyo website notes that the clothing company uses “alternative” forms of sizing labels, and that they have worked to put a modern edge on their style in order to make “fat” come off as “cool.” At the same time, “twitch” may be an unfamiliar term to some Americans as well. A twitch is often considered a derogatory description, or slang, of young women who are very thing and usually attractive but catty and licentious at the same time.

What do you think of the Fatyo clothing brand size options? Would you ever like picking out a size labeled as fat, jumbo, twitch, or even skinny? Sound off with your personal comments below on this new marketing attempt at making often rude words sound “cool” in the eyes of people and potential consumers. In related news this week, a plus size calendar has just been released recently, showcasing the beauty that women with curves possess on the cover, bringing confidence and comfort to females everywhere. Perhaps that sends a much more positive message that simply labelling one another with a price tag.

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