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Clothing brand with a mission is turning trash into treasure

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Hong Kong based brand, Lastbutnotleast, practices upcycling to one-up the quality of popular mass produced items, and make people aware of the price that accompanies a low price tag.

Lastbutnotleast designer and "brianchild," Toby Lam, was inspired to upcycle unwanted clothes after experiencing what goes on behind factory doors. Imagine people working for just coins a day to produce that trendy, $14.99 tank top you only wore once so far this summer. I'm guilty, too.

The term to sum it all up is fast fashion; it's like fast food for your body's exterior. It doesn't stop at abusing, and even killing factory workers (remember the Rana Plaza collapse?) -- The non-profit organization, Last Chance for Animals (LCA), reports that approximately 50 million animals each year are specifically raised to be killed for vanity.

According to the site's Wordpress, Lam's mission is to bring awareness to buyers, unveiling the horror that goes on behind the stitching.

Enough death, let's get back to the clothes. Lastbutnotleast takes clothing with bad birth stories and stitches them into new, one-of-a-kind garments. Even the left over scraps from one project are used to accentuate another.

Pants become shirts, shirts become shorts, shorts become skirts, and clients get exactly what they want. It's all custom.

Check out Lastbutnotleast's webiste here, here and/or here. And maybe start to change how you buy.