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Cloth Diaper Chronicles: Make your own cloth wipes

Cut up receiving blanket
Cut up receiving blanket

If you dive into cloth diapers you mine as well make the full plunge and switch to cloth wipes.  You can always buy cloth wipes but if you are handy with a sewing machine you can just make your own!

Simply get out those receiving blankets you never used and cut them into smaller segments.  I opted for several different sizes so I could see which size I preferred.  I would suggest for around 6 in x 6 in since it's easiest to fold and use.

Then simply hem the outside lines so they don't fray using your sewing machine.  I just made a simply line around the edges to tie it off, nothing fancy.  I even used old thread that i had left over since I wasn't too worried about how they looked and it didn't bother me that it didn't match.

So save to dough and make your own.  Then you can be even more environmently conscious and helpful!