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Cloth Diaper Chronicles: Kissaluvs new Marvels PUL review


Kissaluvs makes several different types to choose from. I recently tried Kissaluvs new PUL diaper cover.  PUL stand for polyurethane laminated fabric and is extremely good at keeping wetness inside the diaper.  Just like other diaper covers you can use inserts or simply a prefold placed inside the cover and it snaps around the baby.

This diaper is quite close fitted in comparison with alot of cloth diapers, meaning it's more slim fit and not as bulky as some can be.  These covers are great it you are going to be out and about and trying to cut down on diapers to put in the diaper bag.  Just bring alot some inserts and change out the insert with a clean, dry one if it doesn't get messy.

This diaper worked even better than many covers I have used.  I used it over night and did not spring any leaks.  Sometimes with these PULs you get some wetness soaking through the fabric when the little one gets too wet.  Out of all the times my little guy wore this cover I only had one instance of leakage and it was my fault in not putting in a new insert in the proper period of time.  I would also like to note that I have had some problems with snaps that control the rise on  diaper covers rubbing a red mark on the inside on my son's leg and did NOT have that problem with this cover.

This cover has snaps to allow for a specialized fit along the legs as well as the waist and has many different colors to choose from as well as gussets between the legs to ensure the inserts stay where they are supposed to.  They are MSRP $16.95 which may be a little high but for the higher quality fabric in a cover it's definitely worth it!


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