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Closure on MH370?

Did we learn anything from this tragedy? What were the feelings of those families whose relatives lost their lives in this incident? Families, ever since, never trusted the Malaysian government, of which, holds important information? Was it mechanical failure or suicidal act made by the pilots? Was the plane sabotage by the terrorists?

Closure on MH340?-slide0
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
Hard to fathom what really happened to this plane?
Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Since the saga continues there is no report about the identity of its passengers; who are these passengers?

The Malaysian government “data” released that the airlines ended in the southern Indian Ocean. There is no detail, whatsoever, about the plane?

The rigorist research is still going on when Chinese's satellite found debris, suspected, a missing plane. So far, there is no concrete evidence about this report.

The black-box has two-week life spun, and the clock is ticking. Otherwise, information in that box may not be retrieved.

Perhaps, we have learned something about this incident and may be able to prevent this from re-occurrence?

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