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'Closing the Circle' by Jim Wilsky and Frank Zafiro on sale

'Closing the Circle' by Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky brings their trilogy to an epic and satisfying conclusion.
'Closing the Circle' by Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky brings their trilogy to an epic and satisfying conclusion., amazon, Eric Beetner

On Friday, March 28, Spokane-area crime fiction author Frank Zafiro announced on his Facebook page that Amazon Kindle editions of "Closing the Circle", the third book in the Ania Trilogy he co-wrote with Jim Wilsky, will be on sale until Thursday, April 3 as part of their ongoing March Craziness event.

"Closing the Circle" brings back many characters and plot elements from the earlier books in the series "Blood on Blood" and "Queen of Diamonds" for a suspenseful conclusion as the mysterious femme fatale and con artist Ania tries to stay one step ahead of two men who are trying to recover diamonds she stole in the first book.

According to the product description on Amazon, "John Pearse is a loss recovery agent for an insurance agency. When a set of crown jewels that his company paid out on resurface in the middle of a Russian/Polish mafia war in Chicago, Pearse is sent in to find and recover the diamonds. Standing in his ways are gangsters, grifters, and cops, but the biggest obstacle will be the sexy Ania, who has managed to stay one step of everyone else...until now.

"Andros Krol is muscle for the Polish mafia in Chicago, tasked by his boss to bring back more than just the diamonds. Strong and cunning, Krol is after the money Ania took, but his biggest priority is to deliver brutal justice and a final day of reckoning for Ania.

"Pearse and Krol are locked into a race against time and each other as they pursue the wily Ania. The circle is closing on all of them."

Wilsky and Zafiro wrote the first two books in the Ania Trilogy in alternating chapters mostly written from the points of views of two protagonists who got caught up in Ania's latest scheme. "Closing the Circle" follows the same formula. Some chapters focus on Pearse while others focus on Krol. This allows the authors to have fun with showing how each character solves the same mystery in totally different ways.

The retail price of the Kindle ebook edition was reduced to $.99 on March 28. The price will gradually go up as April 3 approaches. If readers in the greater Spokane area would like to try a sample of the book before committing to a purchase, they may download about 50 pages of the novel for free from Zafiro's official website.

Crime fiction fans and mystery buffs who would like to learn more about March Craziness can find several updates about the ongoing event on Zafiro's website and a blog he shares with Wilsky called Hardboiled Partners in Crime.

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