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Closing out August of 2014

Being as this is the final day of the month of August, and tomorrow means a new week and a new month and, for many of us, the start of the "new year", because "years" always go from Labour Day until the end of school in June.

With that in mind, let us close out our summer with a look back at some historical highlights from Augusts past in Canada.

For instance, on the 25th of August, in 1875, The North West Mounted Police established an outpost they called Fort Brisebois. Later, this became Calgary, Alberta.

In 1878, on August 25th, the first edition of The Saskatchewan Herald was published in Regina.

Also, Canadian literary legend Morley Callaghan died at the age of 87. He published 20 novels and over 100 short stories in his lifetime, and was awarded the Governor-General's Award in 1952 for his novel "The Loved and the Lost." He also hung out in Paris in the 1920s with Ernest Hemingway and all those other beatnik hippie liberal free lovin' fast livin' quick drinkin' typewriter pounders, free thinkers and bonny bohemians.

Just to wrap things up for this occasion, let us remind one and all that the first dinner cooked on an all-electric stove was served at the Windsor Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, on August 29th, 1892. (see video)

Remember, practice safe cuisine. Always use a condiment.

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