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Garments galore at Closet2Couture!
Garments galore at Closet2Couture!
Geneva Garcia - Compliments of Closet2Couture, Highland, IN

It is time to introduce my newest vintage obsession, Closet2Couture. Closet2Couture is a true vintage shop located in Northwest Indiana. The shop carries a wide variety of not only vintage clothing (for men, women, and children) but also upcycled clothing, jewelry, accessories, furniture, and other home décor.

Vintage Beaded Bag -- Not quite Raffia but maybe crocheted and Italian-inspired.
Geneva Garcia - Compliments of Closet2Couture, Highland, IN

Owned by Kelly Benoit, Closet2Couture began with the idea of altering what you have in your closet into something wonderful and new, as well as wearing beautifully restored vintage pieces.

Kelly originally started her business by appearing at vintage trunk and trade shows, and by selling garments and items on her Etsy shop (also named Closet2Couture). However, as of Thanksgiving 2013, Kelly now has a shop to call her own -- located in Highland, Indiana. The shop is 1,000 square feet of pure vintage. Not to mention, a basement filled with treasures that are yet to be showcased upstairs in the shop. Talking big picture, Kelly has about 10,000 pieces of vintage – some of which are on display, ready for purchase at the shop, and much more in storage waiting to make a debut.

Not only are the vintage pieces at Closet2Couture one of a kind but the owner is also one of a kind, more like one in a million. Kelly was raised by an Early American Antique dealer and grew up in a Pre-Civil War era home; she has been living with history every day of her life. Now, Kelly has continued the family tradition through Closet2Couture.

Kelly cleans, restores, and tries to date all of the items that are found at her store. She even reads old household cleaning books to learn how to care for and clean different fabrics – which leads to me to think of an old book that sat at my parents’ house called Hints from Heloise... Furthermore, Kelly was taught to sew by both of her grandmothers, a skill that now comes in handy when refurbishing, repairing, and upcycling vintage garments for her shop.

The mantras at Closet2Couture are twofold:

1. VINTAGE – The idea of wearing vintage clothing because it is one of a kind. It is the art of avoiding the new saying – “Bitch stole my look!”

2. ALTERED COUTURE – The idea of having items in your closet that for some reason you just cannot or do not want to part with… So one can alter and upcycle these garments or accessories.

Def. Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Perhaps the coolest thing that Kelly upcycled is her old 1962 Yellowstone Camper -- now a tricked out mobile clothing shop named Gracie. If you cannot make it to Closet2Couture located in Highland, Indiana you can certainly find Kelly and Gracie at a number of shows in the warmer months throughout Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, and southern Michigan. You can also find Closet2Couture on Facebook and Etsy (as mentioned above).

As for my own experience at Closet2Couture, I was able to snag a silk “M” scarf (for my sister Meredith) and a silver, beaded tassel necklace (for myself of course). Needless to say, I will soon be heading back to Closet2Couture to treat myself to some new (and I mean old) goodies. The options and inventory at Closet2Couture are endless. To wet your appetite for the distinct quality of the shop, please note that currently the oldest piece in the shop (also featured on Etsy) is a Civil War Mourning Cloak – black and heavily beaded. You cannot beat the one of a kind guarantee that Closet2Couture offers.

Shop Location:
2636 45th Avenue
Highland, IN
Wed - Sat 11-6.
20 miles south of Chicago

Closet2Couture Facebook link:

Closet2Couture Etsy shop link:

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