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Closet organizing products by Jill Martin for QVC

Jill Martin Set of 50 Space-Saving Flocked Hangers
Jill Martin Set of 50 Space-Saving Flocked Hangers
Courtesy of QVC

QVC came by and said they had some terrific ideas for grad gifts, Mother's Day, wedding gifts and for someone moving into a first home or new apartment and that it could all be wrapped up in one name, Jill Martin.

All-round Renaissance woman, Jill Martin
Couresty of Jill Martin

We said, "Do tell," and received a sample that most all closet aficionados would love: it's a Jill Martin 360 Rotating Hexagonal Hanging Closet Organizer, QVC Item #V32135, retails at approximately $44.00.
Now mostly when you seen closet organizers--and we've seen a lot--they are plastic material, with cheap cardboard inserts and just generally of low quality. No so with this organizer! We love it. The patterned fabric in cottagy-cool—a toile with trim—in a feminine design. The hook enables the hanging bags to spin, so you can get to all sides, and there are plenty of places for shoes, sweaters and other good things. We highly recommend it.

Following is an interview with our design/fashion authority/author/television personality; you'll love it:

Q.: Jill, what is it about closets that scare us so much?

Jill: I think everyone is scared of how MUCH we all have in our closets. We keep buying and buying and eventually don't realize what is going on when we open that door! The trick is to constantly sort through your wardrobe and donate, consign or give away those items that don't work for you. Hint: anything you haven't worn in a year GOES!

Q.: How did you decide which storage products to create for QVC?

Jill: I had written a book with my co-author Dana Ravich called I Have Nothing to Wear and it encouraged everyone to purge and cleanse their closets. I couldn't find items to recommend for women to buy once they were ready to get organized, so I created them!

Q.: Is it your fashion side that helped you to create the hanging garment bags with the different outfits on the front?

Jill: I just love that item - it is the centerpiece of my collection. I think it allows women to stay fashionable even on the go and makes the outfit you have stored extra special!

Q.: You went from sports to the closet--Ha, just kidding. How does your background influence what you do?

Jill: That is a "HA!" question. I feel like there are two areas of media: entertainment and hard news...almost everything falls into one of those two categories. Sports and fashion (for me) represent the same thing. My goal is to always make people laugh, teach something meaningful or help others. The gift of organization is one that I feel many women struggle with...and I will continue my quest to make everyone an organizational queen!

Q.: What's on the horizon for Jill Martin?

Jill: AHHH...well, I am writing this from Israel right now. It is my first time coming here and it has truly been a life-changing experience. I am dedicating my summer to working on my line, continuing to come up with new ideas for “The Today Show” and traveling as much as I can. My QVC line for the fall is BEYOND WORDS...I am so excited to introduce it!

Q.: Are there any organizing or fashion tips—or both—you would like to give Home and Living Readers?

Jill: 1) Wear what you love, NOT what is in style.
2) Take a is supposed to be fun.
3) An organized woman is a fashionable one. It is so important to keep your closet (and every part of your life in order!).
4) Confidence is the best accessory. If you FEEL will LOOK it as well!

The Jill by Jill Martin collection is available, while supplies last, through, the QVC apps or by calling 800.345.1515.

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