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Closet organizing made chic

Accessorize your closet
Accessorize your closet
Sibrena Stowe

A dressing room closet may be one of the least favorite rooms to get organized but thanks to a cost effective furniture store named Ikea, it has made closet organizing a chic project! You can start by clearing everything out of the closet and organize your clothes by the seasons. Donate the clothes that you no longer use and place the rest of your attire by the side until it's time to reorganize.

The most important aspect of buying a closet is to first look through your own closet and take an inventory of what you are in need of and what you'd like to have. Notice how much space you'll need for items such as blazers, trousers, shirts and/or blouses, gowns, dresses and skirts. You'll also need an account of shoes, boots, sandals and note whether you'll desire an underwear and sleep wear draw.

It's also essential to measure your current closet for both height and width and to make things easier, you may want to consider a color scheme that will add ambience to the decor. Locate the nearest Ikea and start searching for the best closet organizer that will literally 'suit' your needs.

There are an array of colors to choose and we picked a color that envoked calmness and neutrality. Use your measurements of the closet space to help determine the sizes that you'll need which can be bought individually and then compare your inventory list of what your needs are and apply them to your search. The closet that we've organized needed closet accessory space for ties, pocket squares and socks. A convenient pant rack was available which slid open for easier access when hanging items. We also left plenty of space for blazers, shirts and storage bins; and the draws were few but needed and the shoe racks was added at last.

Assembly is necessary yet easy and the closet organizer was affordable and we added chair that was not being used and placed in the middle of the room for seating space. Our client was pleased and will eventually top it off with a chandelier!