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Closet organizing

closet organizing

Organizing your closet can be as simple as hiring a professional or as complex as doing it yourself. Of course, doing it yourself does not necessarily have to be complex if you purchase easy closet organizing accessories instead of building them yourself. This article will take a look at three options: Hiring a professional, building it yourself, and purchasing closet organizing accessories.

Let's take a look at hiring a professional first. Hiring a professional will most likely be the most expensive option. However,  you will have the benefit of hiring someone with experience and technical knowledge. Overall, this option could save you a lot of time. One local professional, Ideal Spaces, will work with you to maximize your usable space and design your dream closet. You can visit  Ideal Spaces  at 2020 Regency Rd., Lexington Ky 40503 or you can call them to set up a free in home consultation. Their phone number is 859-277-5430.

The next option to review would be building it yourself. This option may save you some money, but will most likely take a lot more time. If your handy, but need some help, you willl find a  "how to" video for improving closet shelving below. There are many such videos you can link to at you tube. For extra help you may want to join Home Depot's Home Improver Club, where you will be able to find a local workshop and "how to" videos. If you like to read, you may also choose a book on building your own closet organizers. Books like The Black & Decker Build Your Own Custom Closet: Designing, Building & Installing Custom Closet Systems by Gillet Cole can be purchased locally at Joseph-Beth or online at Amazon. However, if you're looking for a bargain book price, you may want to check out Half Price Books at Sir Barton Place in Lexington, their hours are 10am to 10pm, Monday through Saturday and 10am to 8pm on Sunday. An online option for bargain books is

The final option of purchasing closet organizing accessories, may end up costing you a lot less time and money than the two previous customized options. Closet organizing accessories can be found locally or online at  Home DepotLowes, or even Walmart.  You can find many items at these stores from under the bed shoe organizers to overhead closet shelving that attached with just a few twist of a screwdriver. This option is also great because you can add items as you can afford them. You may tackle organizing your shoes first and then move onto your sweaters.

When choosing which option will work best for you, it is important to consider your budget, knowledge, skill, and time factors. Closet organizing can be simple or complex, it's your choice.


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