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Closet Editing

Ever thought about editing your closet?

Well if you are, then this is how you should edit your closet:

-Make labels that you write; keep, store, donate.

Start by storing the easy stuff and take out the rest and sort it out, try on what's nice and decide what you will keep and of course, trash the clothing you no longer want.

When it comes to editing your closet, one must get rid of the old so you can make way for the new. On this subject when you're getting rid of your old items, try a little post it notes where you can label your items like; keep, store, donate.

Or you can write; keep, toss, storage on the notes just in case you may change your mind.

Always gather what you will need as far as organizing, find brilliant ideas where you can arrange your items from dark to bright to light.

In other words: File your wardrobe and prepare your space.

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