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Closed primary Aug. 26th for Treasure Coast and PBC races

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Florida runs ‘Closed Primary Elections’ which means that voters must be registered as a member of the party in whose primary they wish to vote. For example, only persons registered as Democrats may vote for Democratic candidates. All voters regardless of party affiliation may vote for nonpartisan races such as school board candidates in a Primary Election.

The following candidates are lined up for Florida’s August 26th Primary Election seeking their party’s endorsement to move on to the General Election on Nov. 4th are involved in races on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County. The candidates have done and are still doing their part after qualifying in accordance to the Florida Division of Elections, then meeting all requirements and deadlines set by each county’s supervisor of elections and making themselves available to the constituents in their areas.

Now it is time for the registered voters to take action, to consider at least your preliminary choices during the closed primary election. Republican candidates on the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County will have roughly about 388,450 of their fellow party members to cast a vote in the direction of those seeking to uproot the incumbent Patrick Murphy (DEM) in November as the U.S. Representative for District 18.

Republican Candidates for U.S. Representative, District 18:

Carl J. Domino (REP)

Beverly Hires (REP)

Brian Lara (REP)

Alan Schlesinger (REP)

Calvin D. Turnquest (REP)

Nick Wukoson (REP)

U.S. Congressional District 18 consists of St. Lucie, Martin and Northern Palm Beach County. Patrick Murphy, the incumbent, is unopposed on the Democratic side and is beginning to make his mark in the district.

Republican Candidates for Fla. State Senator, District 32:

Brandon M. Cannon


Joe Negron


Joe Negron is the incumbent in this race that has been flexing his muscle outwardly of late proving that he is not only a “can do” Senator but a “is doing” Senator for the district as well in leading many of the districts issues and concerns of interest with zeal. On the Democrat side, Moore, Bruno is unopposed.

District 32 consists of parts of Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie counties

While there are approximately 388,450 Republican votes to be had in this Republican primary, ---no candidate will have them if registered voters don’t walk into the polls or mail in their voice------the vote is the voice of America when it is free and clear for all under the law which must be protected for all under and by our Constitution of the United States of America.