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Close more deals with Signals by HubSpot

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In business, every sales rep knows that getting the deal is the easy part, but it’s closing the deal that can be the hardest one to achieve.

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There’s a new feature in the marketplace that helps make it easier for sale reps to close the deal.

Signals by HubSpot is a free application that can give you real-time notifications that will help you have more conversations with prospective clients, and it will notify you when your emails have been opened and read.

Signals will allow you to get a quota faster, easier, and every month.

Signals benefits include:

  • Email open notifications – Send an email using your email tools and Signals will give you an instant notification when your message is opened or click.
  • HubSpot Revisit alerts – Get real time notifications about when and where your prospect is on your website with Signals and HubSpot together allowing you to reach out to an old lead.
  • Email templates & log in CRM – Use your Salesforce templates directly in your email client of choice, and let Signals automatically track your activities with your leads with built-in Log in CRM.
  • New lead notifications & pipeline notifications – Work more efficiently and close more deals with Signals.

It takes five seconds to sign up for the free service. All you need is an email address and a password – that’s it!

Signals up for a free, personal Signals account to receive:

  • 200 notifications a month
  • Email open and click notifications
  • Email support

Sales departments can sign up for team Signals account for $10 monthly per user to receive:

  • Unlimited notifications
  • Email open and click notifications
  • Email and phone support
  • Zapier notifications intergration
  • Salesforce email tracking
  • Salesforce lead intelligence
  • HubSpot website visit alerts
  • Intergrated email templates

There’s no contract to use Signals and you can cancel your account at any time.

Signals is compatible with Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Gmail,, and Outlook Web Access.