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Clooneyism: Kelly Ripa excluded from Barbara Walters' last day on 'The View'

Kelly Ripa has no recourse against blatant Clooneyism
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

On Barbara Walters last episode of “The View” which aired on May 16, 2014, twenty five women who were influenced by Barbara Walters appeared near the end in tribute. Noticeably absent was Kelly Ripa, the co-host of “Live with Kelly and Michael”.

ABC Publicity Director Lauri Hogan claimed that Ripa wasn't there because only those from the news sector were included. However Joan Lunden was included and she was co-host of “Good Morning America” when it was part of the entertainment division of ABC. Both Lunden and David Hartman were allowed to do commercials while they were hosting “Good Morning America” when hosts of the “Today Show” were forbidden because it originated out of NBC's News division. Kelly Ripa currently reads news on the air (at least the headlines) followed by a discussion and has been included as one of the “Most Powerful People in Media” by the Hollywood Reporter.

Kathie Lee Gifford was included and she is currently on the last hour of the “Today Show”, but she is mostly known for hosting “Live” just like Ripa and the last hour of the “Today Show” is closer in temperament with “Live” than with the first few hours of the “Today Show”. The last hour of “Today Show” however does emphasize alcohol more than almost every show on television.

Oprah Winfrey was included and she did come up through local news, but she is mainly nationally known for a talk show. Deborah Norville was included and while she reached near the pinnacle of network news, she is currently the host of the much derided “Inside Edition”. Catherine McFadden was so inspired by someone she became a lawyer and then switched to journalism at the behest of Ted Turner.

Ripa's omission isn't a clearance issue because “Live with Kelly and Michael” is produced by entities of ABC.

This could be a case of George Clooney like bias toward actresses (Clooneyism) in which Clooney would sleep with actresses but he wouldn't bring them to the altar. ABC rep Hogan hasn't responded since the specter of blatant Clooneyism has been raised.

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