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Clogs: The trend we're not really sure about

Stuart Weitzman Studclog, $345 at
Stuart Weitzman Studclog, $345 at

Pirate Treasures clogs by WoodlandandMoon, $299 available

OMG, You Guys! Did you know that clogs are in style again? The first time I went to Holland, the world was my heaven. It was a swirly sweet candy land filled with the New Shoe smell of clogs and Birkenstocks. Sure, over the last 30 years, they sort of fell in and out, and then there was that five-year period where guys really picked up the Birkenstock trend, while unfortunately forgetting to pick up nail clippers and foot cream, but hello! clogs, People. Clogs! Like, if I ever have a baby, Clog might be on the top of the "possible baby names" list.

But here's the thing, and I'll admit it...clogs are kind of ugly. But you know how everyone loves UGLYDOLL? That's exactly like the relationship so many people have with clogs. These Dutch classics are so ugly, they're adorable. And now they come in Chanel.

If you're not into the classic clog look, a lot of designers are doing this sort of wedge-sandal-and-clog-have-a-baby thing, and the end product is sort of adorable. Like a bi-racial kid. (Right about now, I'm not exactly sure if this commentary is about clogs or babies, but I'm sure we'll get that sorted out by the time we get to the end.)

The issue with clogs is that they are sort of hard to wear. If you're a nurse, aside from being awesome (because nurses are) you look good in clogs. If you're the rest of the population, clogs can be a little tricky to pull off. Generally, clogs look good with tights, and little dresses, but if you're a Muslim woman who follows the Islamic dress code, like I do, clog-wearing can can make you go Hmm...

The best way to step around this little fashion pot hole is to do a retro-current look. Mix a little '70s with a little now, and you won't look like a milk maid, or a dowdy human blob of Yikes! A strong wide-leg denim jean is probably your best option, matched with an up-to-date handbag and accessories. You don't want to rewind your whole outfit, just a few pieces. Maybe add a retro-ish scarf to keep the vibe, but wear a current top to balance out the outfit. The clogs are the statement piece here, so the key is to build around them gently.


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