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Cliven Bundy and family at the Bundy Ranch reportedly get support from AT&T

Screenshot from the Bundy Ranch Facebook page
Screenshot from the Bundy Ranch Facebook page
Bundy Ranch on Facebook

The country has sat and watched, some horrified and others amazed, as the government faces off with Nev. rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. There were rumors that the cell phone service had been turned off, effectively shutting down communications with the family surrounded by snipers and armed rangers. Not only has the cell service not been shut down, the Bundy family is now reportedly being supported by AT&T.

In an update on their Facebook fan page, representatives for the Bundy Ranch announced early Saturday morning that their cell service has not been shut down. The page stated that the area has always had a slow internet and cell connection, “due to our location and being away from large cities”.

Twelve hours later, the Bundy Ranch had another update regarding their cell phones. According to their Facebook page, the phones of Bundy family members had all received text messages from their cellular service provider, AT&T. The simple message read, “AT&T supports Cliven Bundy and family in there (sic) time of struggle”.

Many are speculating as to the grammatical error in the text. Was the error a mistake by those posting on Facebook, or was it actually texted to the family that way? Supporters on Facebook have been very vocal, telling the family that AT&T would not send such a text with a grammatical error. Clarification has yet to come from the Bundy Ranch Facebook fan page.

Bundy has been grazing his cattle for decades on public land that now is to be turned into an area for an endangered desert tortoise. The rancher has refused to stop grazing his cattle, or pay the grazing fees of over one million dollars that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims he owes. Bundy told supporters he had been feeding his cattle there long before the formation of the BLM.

The situation has become increasingly tense, as thousands of people have headed to the ranch, to try to show support to the family. A local news station has reported that the BLM activities against the Bundy family are to cease, but details have yet to be released.

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