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ClipSee allows easy hands-free smartphone use while driving

Hands-free smartphone use and amplified sound with ClipSee
Hands-free smartphone use and amplified sound with ClipSee
Photo Courtesy of Acoustic Gadgets

The National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration says that at any given minute across America, about 660,000 drivers are using cell phones or fooling with electronic devices while they are driving. In 2011, nearly half a million Americans were injured in motor vehicle crashes when a driver was distracted. Now, distracted can mean anything from grooming to eating and of course texting or dialing a mobile phone.

Acoustic Gadgets, LLC, makers of acoustic accessories has debuted the ClipSee.

What is the ClipSee? It's the world¹s first hands-free, battery-free, wire-free gadget that not only allows you to keep your hands free when you drive, but it's design amplifies call sound by about three times for phones while getting rid of background noise like blowing wind and those pesky traffic sounds.

While you have to be careful, ClipSee can help you make phone calls while driving.

"ClipSee is a simple, compelling, and inexpensive alternative for making phone calls while driving. Not only do you no longer need to fiddle with Bluetooth headsets, tangled cords from earbuds, or synching issues with Bluetooth­ both parties on the phone can now experience superior call clarity,² said Hugh McLaughlin, founder and CEO of Acoustic Gadgets.

It's all works very simply. It's a good idea and kudos for Acoustic Gadgets for looking out for those of us that drive and talk on our smartphone at the same time.

ClipSee attaches right to your seat belt and faces outward. It works with iPhone (models 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c) and fits snugly into a specially designed cradle. Sound is amplified by 3X, while placing the iPhone¹s speakerphone microphone right under the iPhone user's chin. No wind noises or background sounds are picked up by the handset. You can reach the iPhone's home button to activate Siri.

The retail price is low at $29.99. A small price to pay to keep you safe while driving.

A bonus feature for teenagers is the ClipSee is set in the cradle in a way where you can't text while you are driving.

To see ClipSee in action:

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