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Clipse grant CNN Tonight access to Virginia Beach stomping grounds

It’s extremely rare to see a rapper plastered on the CNN airwaves, let alone in a positive light, for that matter. So, in what appears as a brilliant marketing ploy to garner a newer and fresher demographic, the house that Ted Turner built is looking to spice up the station’s nonexistent and floundering nose-dive in ratings, and as a result, has axed the exceedingly lackluster Piers Morgan and has inserted the more animated Bill Weir in the former’s time slot. Weir, who seems to be already paying dividends in CNN’s latest test run, traveled down to Virginia Beach to speak with one of Hip-Hop’s most respectable tandems: Clipse.

Granted they’re not collectively going by the Clipse these days, as both have gone on separate paths over the course of the last few years, the Thorton brothers have often shielded media from speaking to them in depth about their hustling days. But last night, this all changed as the brothers invited Weir into their neck of the woods, and here, the pair candidly opened up about their darkest days as young d-boys, detailing the rise from small-time drug pushers to millionaire rappers. Balancing out the segment, Weir chats with both Pusha T and No Malice about their unfortunate split, No Malice’s transformation from drug-inspired raps to born again lyrics, the internal struggles No Malice felt while glorifying his drug selling past, Pusha T’s solo resurrection, and whether or not we’ll ever see a Clipse reunion in the near future.

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