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Clippers taste the agony of defeat in Oklahoma City

Chris Paul knows he must bounce back from Game 5 loss
Layne Murdoch

The Los Angeles Clippers had a seven point lead with 50 seconds left in the final quarter, only for the Oklahoma City Thunder to regain the lead for the 105-104 win in Game 5.

A controversial call made by referees, on a play that showed the ball going out on Thunder guard Reggie Jackson had to be reviewed. After the review, the call stood which shifted momentum and the ball back to the Thunder with eleven seconds left.

A furious Doc Rivers let everyone know how he felt about the call.

"Everybody knows it was our ball," Rivers said. "The bottom line is they thought it was a foul and they made up for it. Let's take away the replay. We were robbed. It was our ball, whether it was a foul or not."

The referee crew chief Tony Brothers explains that after the play was watched from both angles, it was inconclusive. And when its inconclusive then the ball goes back to the Thunder.

Russell Westbrook was awarded and made three foul shots on a foul called on Chris Paul.
The Clippers had one last opportunity to win the game with 6.7 seconds left. However Paul dribbled down the lane, the ball was knocked away by Jackson and Kevin Durant grabbed the ball until time expired.

"Probably the toughest thing I've been through, basketball-wise. Everything that happened there at the end is on me. It was just bad basketball," said Paul.

"We lost. It's on me. They scored and we have a chance to win on the last play and I don't even get a shot up. That's just dumb. I'm supposed to be the leader of the team. That can't happen. The league can issue a statement tomorrow saying the ball was off them, but who cares."

This is one play that will bother him for a moment, but the toughness of Paul should not be underestimated, and he along with the team will bounce back.

"We've been regrouping all year," Rivers said. "We'll be ready to play when we get to L.A. This one's going to hurt. None of this would have happened if we'd taken care of business. That didn't happen."

Westbrook finished with 38 points and came back with a vengeance for Game 5, playing at his normal elite level. He was more focused especially in the final seconds of the fourth quarter that gave his team the edge.

"I'm still upset about that shot that I missed in L.A. for the game, so tonight, I just tried to take my time, take a deep breath and knock 'em down," said Westbrook.

Durant had a terrible shooting night in the first three and half quarters, found his way to contribute 10 of his 27 points in the last three and a half minutes.

The Thunder have an opportunity with a 3-2 series lead, to close out the series in Staples Center on Thursday night against the Clippers.

Blake Griffin finished with 24 points and 17 rebounds, Chris Paul finished with 17 points and 14 assist, while Matt Barnes bounced back with 16 points.

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