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Clippers owner not going down alone

APRIL 29: Protestor Elder Cummmngs of Los Angeles (L) and another who identified himself as 'Supreme' speak in the wake of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's remarks
Photo by Stephen Dunn

Several media outlets, including CNN, are reporting that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has hit Clippers owner Donald Sterling with the stiffest penalty possible for making racist remarks that were captured via audio. Sterling was fined $2.5 million dollars, banned from the NBA for life, and will be forced to sell his team.

According to Wikipedia, Donald Sterling made his fortune as a lawyer and in real estate. He has more seniority than any other NBA owner. He purchased the San Diego (now LA) Clippers for $12.5 million dollars. Sterling’s success is incapable of drowning out his checkered past. Sterling was sued for allegedly participating in discriminatory housing practices. He allegedly sought to keep some areas African American free.

According to the Holy Bible, there is little room for Sterling to hide. They view the audio as nothing more than a private citizen making statements that are not indicative of how he truly feels. They believe that none is without sin, and therefore none can throw stones.

While most viewed Sterling’s actions as disgusting; some felt like Sterling was not the only guilty party.” The Holy Bible teaches us how sometimes the sin is not the action; it’s the inaction. It teaches us that walking by a good word is a sin. How many men and women interfaced with Mr. Sterling weekly or daily and never said a word? Every family member or business partner who witnessed or participated in racist talk or activity is just as guilty.”

Sterling is not expected to give up the Clippers without a legal battle.

High profile transgressions are typically very polarized. Some people demand justice; others plead for mercy. Does Sterling deserve justice or mercy? If you could talk with Donald Sterling; what would you say?

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Source: CNN

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