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Clippers' Donald Sterling: Despicable is as Despicable does.

Donald Sterling (left-center) could lose ownership of the Clippers thanks to his girlfriend, V. Stiviano (right-center).
Donald Sterling (left-center) could lose ownership of the Clippers thanks to his girlfriend, V. Stiviano (right-center).
Photo by Ronald Martinez

The infamous “Clippers Curse” is alive and well.

Bet you thought it was gone for good, didn’t you?

Maybe now it will be.

The “Clippers Curse” is known as owner Donald Sterling.

I can list off all of the despicable things – on and off the court – Sterling has been associated with over the years but, by now, you’ve probably read the entire laundry list over the internet these past 48 hours.

Despicable people tend to associate and attract other despicable people.

Case in point Sterling’s alleged girlfriend – V. Stiviano – who (By the way. Stiviano is of black and Hispanic descent.) illegally recorded the private conversation between her and Sterling that stirred this Hornet’s Nest we’re all now dealing with after making it public through TMZ.

To borrow a movie line and change one word, “Despicable is as Despicable does.”

What Stiviano did was just as disgusting and despicable as what Sterling spewed in that 9-and-a-half minute recording.

Behind closed doors there’s an expectation of privacy Stiviano violated.

In this country – in any walk of life – you can’t, unknowingly by the other party, record a private conversation.

Perusing the internet, Stiviano’s been labeled – for the lack of a better term – a “gold digger” which seems to explain a lot.

Had this argument between these two self-entitled, despicable people been done in a public setting and recorded – it’s fair game.

“We live in a make-believe life in sports,” is what Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said during Monday’s media conference-call addressing the Sterling saga. “Let’s just be honest. It’s so unreal the life we live in.”

OK. LET’S just be honest.

Living in this “Fantasy Land” these people associated with the NBA – and all other pro sports leagues - seem to think they can get away with anything.

Say “Hello” to that proverbial one percent.

Rules and laws you and I live by – the 99% - don’t seem to apply to them.

Sterling’s one of an exclusive group of 30 team owners that make up the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Every one of the other 29 are as despicable as Sterling.

They’ve all known about Sterling’s insensitive history towards race during his 30-year plus tenure as owner of the Clippers, yet did nothing about it.

It was swept under the rug by the other 29 owners because – under Sterling - the Clippers have been irrelevant on the NBA landscape.

Until now.

Five years ago – in the team’s annual trip to the lottery – Sterling’s Clippers get the ping-pong balls to fall their way garnering the top pick in the draft.

The best player in college that year was the product of an inter-racial marriage – Blake Griffin.

Sterling’s new coach is Vinny Del Negro – whose last name literally means “The Black.”

Coupled with the acquisition of elite point guard - Chris Paul - in a trade with New Orleans (after then-commissioner David Stern earlier nixed a Paul trade to the Staples Center co-tenant Lakers), the Clippers on-the-court fortunes began to change for the better.

The Clippers have some playoff success under Del Negro but not enough to get to that championship level.

Sterling relieves Del Negro of his duties replacing him as head coach and adding the title of Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations with Doc Rivers - who is black and happens to be married to a woman who is white.

Sterling basically gave Rivers the keys to Clipper Nation.

And here we are. Rivers has smoothly navigated the Nation on the road to a possible title removing Sterling from under the rock of NBA Obscurity in the process……and River's hits this sink-hole in the road.

Kharma’s a you know what. Isn’t it?

The Board of Governors has no choice but to kick Sterling out of the league. If the other 29 owners don’t do that, they’re guilty by association adhering to his archaic and vulgar mentality of a plantation/slave owner.

This exchange from the illegally taped argument drives the point home:

Stiviano: “Do you know that you have a whole team that's black, that plays for you?”

Sterling: “You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them?

What nerve.

This mentality exists in people of all races, religions and colors that are part of that one percent.

Sterling is Jewish. You’d think someone whose people have been targets of horrendous persecution and genocide throughout their history would be much more tolerant of all people and not have such a vulgar mentality.

That’s because he’s part of that one percent that lives in that make-believe life that Rivers described.

A “Fantasy Land” where rules for the common person don’t exist.

A “Fantasy Land” where wealth and power supercede race, creed, religion and color. Where reality and morality don’t seem to exist.

It’s all about who has the most toys.

There are bylaws in the NBA’s Constitution enabling the Board of Governors to force Sterling to relinquish the Clippers. If the allegations against Sterling meet the criteria in those bylaws - which basically say what he did is detrimental to the other owners and the entire league - he can be forced out.

If the league doesn’t indefinitely suspend Sterling from everyday operations and begins the process of relinquishing the team from him, the entire “Association” is in for a huge dose of reality.

In the past 48 hours, the Clippers have lost all of their major sponsors who have suspended any affiliation with the team as long as Sterling is still the owner.

This is absolutely detrimental to the league and its board of governors when you consider KIA Motors, State Farm Insurance and Sprint are major sponsors of the NBA.

As for the other 99% - who spend the hard earned money on tickets and team merchandise that line the one per cent’s pockets - they won’t tolerate it.

The NBA and its Board of Governors have no choice but to finally “exorcise the curse” from the Association once and for all.

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