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Clippers conquer LA by handing out worst defeat in Lakers history

Griffin, Clippers give Lakers worst loss in history
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers didn't used to be the most embarrassing franchise in Los Angeles. If anyone in L.A. was more likely to suffer 48-point defeats, it was the Los Angeles Clippers for countless years. But not only did the Lakers suffer their worst defeat in franchise history on March 6, it was to the true current powerhouse in Los Angeles, as the Clippers handed a 142-94 humiliation to the city's bottom feeders.

It was one thing for the Clippers to blow out the Lakers by 123-87 in their last game on Jan. 10. It had looked like the Lakers would do better in the rematch, as they went up by 20-13 midway through the first quarter. Even when the Clippers started making a run, they only had a two-point lead going into the second.

By halftime, the lead had ballooned up to 33 points, thanks to a 44-13 Clippers run. It only got worse for the Lakers from there, to the point where it was the biggest victory in one Los Angeles franchise's history, and the biggest defeat of all time for the other Los Angeles franchise.

It was a fitting way for the Lakers to suffer their 41'st defeat, ensuring they will need a 20-game winning streak to avoid a losing season. At this point, however, Los Angeles seems more likely to endure a 20-game losing streak.

On the other hand, the other Los Angeles squad has now won six straight games and is still on track for a second straight divisional title. Yet it says something about the Clippers that divisional titles and 48-point wins over the Lakers -- both of which were pipe dreams for decades -- aren't enough anymore.

The Clippers aren't quite in a championship or bust mode, as the Lakers once were year after year. Winning more than one playoff round would do at the very least, however. But when that time comes, they won't face weaklings like the Lakers in the postseason.

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