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Clintons' in-law, Marjorie Margolies, loses Pennsylvania House primary election

Former Rep. Marjorie Margolies in a dated photo

Perhaps a sign that the Clinton brand is losing its punch in the political arena, Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law was soundly defeated in the Pennsylvania primary election on Tuesday, according to a Politico report on Wednesday. Former Rep. Marjorie Margolies - the mother of former President Bill Clinton’s and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea’s spouse - lost her bid to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for Pennsylvania’s 13th District in the upcoming midterm elections in November. She was trounced by State Rep. Brendan Boyle.

Boyle received 41 percent of the vote to Margolies’ 27 percent. Additionally, Pennsylvania’s state Sen. Daylin Leach had 17 percent and physician Val Arkoosh received 15 percent. Reportedly, in the early stages of the campaign, the Clinton in-law was seen as the front-runner in the political race.

Yet, even with Margolies’ link to the Clintons, she was badly defeated. It has been said that she lost her former congressional seat when she supported President Clinton’s budget in 1994. While the defeat appears to be a negative for the Clinton power-couple, insiders are trying to smooth the insult over by saying that the Clintons didn’t really campaign for Margolies all that much. However, they did do quite a bit. Hillary Clinton attended a function for her shortly before the election. In that appearance, Mrs. Clinton told the audience that she and Margolies would be sharing a grandchild soon.

Bill Clinton did a campaign ad for her in which he asserted, “She’ll make you proud, she’ll vote right.” The Clintons didn’t come out swinging for Margolies as hard as they have for some others in the past, like they did for Terry McAuliffe who won the governor’s race in Virginia last year. But, the Clintons did step up to the plate for Margolies – and, even with the support and blessings of the Clintons, she lost.

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