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Clinton Tucker sues Benjamin Moore Paints Co. over racist paint names

Benjamin Moore Paints Company sued by Clinton Tucker
Benjamin Moore Paints Company sued by Clinton Tucker

Clinton Tucker, an African-American in New Jersey, has filed a lawsuit against Benjamin Moore Paints. Tucker, who was fired from the firm three months ago, asserts that the paint company named paint colors after him, according to the Jamestown Sun on Saturday. After he complained to the company – which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway – that the paint names were disturbingly racist to him, he says that the company’s executive management wouldn’t take his complaints seriously. After expressing his concern about the paint names, he was fired unlawfully, so claims Tucker.

It has been reported that the paint colors found offensive to Tucker were two paint colors that contain his name. One paint color, Clinton Brown, contains his first name. Another paint color, Tucker Chocolate, contains his last name. There is a third color that concerned Tucker as well. He found the paint color Confederate Red to be racially offensive as well.

In the past, Tucker worked on a project to create a new line of paint colors. The company named one of the shades Tucker Chocolate. Prior to that, the company already had a color named Clinton Brown. According to the lawsuit, a co-worker of Tucker’s pointed out to Tucker that the two brown-colored paints included his first and last names. The co-worker, according to the lawsuit, thought it was funny. Obviously, Tucker was not amused. In fact, the complaint states that Tucker found the paint color names to be repulsive. Tucker found the names to be racially offensive and demeaning to himself.

The case being filed in Essex County Court also takes issue with the Confederate Red paint color name, according to the Daily Caller report on the story. It is suggested that that color name likely makes reference to the southern portion of the United States Civil War. It is stated that even though Tucker repeatedly complained about the racism involved with the paint color names, nothing was ever done about it. The case says that his complaints simply were not taken seriously. Beyond the paint color names’ complaint, Tucker alleges that Benjamin Moore Paints has a toxic work environment that is hostile to minorities like himself.

Tucker’s situation also states that he is homosexual. Tucker claims, that for the three years that he has worked for Benjamin Moore Paints, it was clear that he was not part of the traditional culture of the firm. Tucker also complains that he was not promoted in the firm when others, who are white, were promoted. He also doesn’t like that he was ignored when he asked to take Martin Luther King Day off. Tucker seeks compensatory and punitive damages in the case. Charles Schalk, Tucker’s attorney verified the lawsuit.