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Clinton: The U.S. will contribute $100 billion to developing nations


Empty promises.  (AP)

In Copenhagen, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Thursday that the United States will contribute to a $100 billion fund to help developing countries combat global warming.

And now the easiest political prediction I'll ever make:  Not. Gonna. Happen.

First, there is no authority for her to make such an announcement.  The executive can't just dish out taxpayer dollars.  Second, Clinton said this would happen as long as "all major nations" commit their emissions reductions to a binding agreement and submit those reductions to transparent verification.

Oh yes, China and India just can't wait to sign up.  The developing countries are going to keep developing, China has passed the U.S. in emissions, and in the end, there's nothing that can be done. 

What is the point of these little meet-ups anyways?  A bunch of talk about controlling emissions that (thank goodness) never actually happens.  And even if we did lower our emissions, China will send more CO2 into the atmosphere to more than make up for it.

Unless you're willing to watch millions struggle to survive without basic necessities, nothing can be done.