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Clinton Street Master Plan Available on Pro-Brockport Website

60 Clinton Street, the way it is now.
60 Clinton Street, the way it is now.
Clinton Street Master Plan

The Clinton Street Master Plan was prepared in June 2010, by Clark Patterson Lee, Bero Architecture, PLLC with Dudley C. Breed, and Camoin Associates.

The Clinton Street Master Plan
The Clinton Street Master Plan

But until now, it hasn’t been readily available to the residents of Brockport and Sweden.

But now the Clinton Street Master Plan is available on the Pro-Brockport website.

The Clinton Street Master Plan explains exactly why saving the old Whiteside, Barnett & Company warehouse is so important to the economic future of both Brockport and the Town of Sweden.

You can read and view the entire 4-color version of the document online, or download a black & white version of the entire document in pdf format.

You can also download the 4-color version of the document, which has been broken into 4 smaller pdf files. Just click on the download button at the bottom the page for each of the four sections.

In discussing the Whiteside, Barnett & Company warehouse at 60 Clinton Street, the authors of the report wrote that:

“This property represents the Village’s most prominent redevelopment opportunity within the Clinton Street area.”

According to the Report:

“The Whiteside, Barnett & Co. Agricultural Works, located at 60 Clinton Street, is the most prominent and historic building within the study area. Designated a historic landmark in the Nationaland State registers in 2001, the collections of buildings that make up the structure are one of the most intact and rare surviving example of brownstone industrial buildings that once lined the Erie Canal.”

“The property’s prominence is evidenced by the number of studies that have addresses it over the last decade or more.”

“The Village’s 1998 Canal Master Plan outlined a six-phase approach to revitalizing the waterfront, which prompted two feasibility studies for the Brockway Boatyard, Whiteside warehouse.”

“Both Studies concluded that extensive structural, mechanical/electrical, and site improvements would be required, but adaptive reuse of the structure is feasible and highly recommended.”

Adaptive reuse of the structure is feasible and highly recommended.

Fifteen years ago, the Doran Yarrington Architects Feasibility Study (1999) outlined three different options that were well suited for the structure.

In 2002, the Bero Architecture Adaptive Reuse Study included a more thorough analysis of the entire building and offered recommended improvements to the interior, exterior, and support systems.

“With each plan, as well as the 1998 Canal master Plan, connection of the site to the canal and Main Street was seen as a vital component to Clinton Street’s future vitality."

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