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Clinton refused to attack Palin for being a woman as Obama campaign wanted

Sarah Palin photographed on May 29, 2014
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady and former United States secretary of state, appeared on NBC in an interview on Tuesday as she promoted her new book “Hard Choices.” In the interview, she discussed an incident that occurred during the Obama campaign of 2008. At the time, Mrs. Clinton had recently been defeated in the Democratic presidential primary but was expected to support the Democratic nominee for president, Barack Obama, according to a Yahoo! News report on Tuesday.

According to the Clinton interview, as well as being detailed in the book, Clinton was asked by the Obama administration to verbally attack Sarah Palin who was the Republican vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Sen. John McCain. Clinton blatantly stated during the Tuesday interview that the Obama campaign contacted her and asked her if she would attack Palin but she asked them what she was to attack her for. She said, “Attack her for what, for being a woman? Attack her for being on a ticket that’s… trying to draw attention?”

Clinton said, of the incident, that she thought there would be plenty of time to do the right thing by drawing distinctions between the candidates. She suggested that she wasn’t about to join on an Obama campaign bandwagon and attack Sarah Palin without substance. She was not going to attack her for being a woman on McCain’s ticket, says Politico.

On Monday, Palin took to Twitter to message a page from Clinton’s book which contained Clinton’s description of the incident. In the book, Clinton reportedly said that the people involved with Obama’s campaign suspected Palin’s nomination was a blatant attempt to get the women who had vigorously supported Clinton in the Oval Office in 2008. Clinton wrote that the Obama administration issued a dismissive statement and reached out to her in hopes that she would follow suit. According to Politico, Clinton wrote in her book, “I wouldn’t. I was not going to attack Palin just for being a woman appealing for support from other women.”

She continued to assert that she didn’t think that made political sense and it didn’t feel right to her. After she turned the Obama people down flat after they requested attacks on Palin, Clinton claims that a few hours later the Obama campaign reversed itself and suddenly issued congratulations to Palin on her having been chosen as McCain's running mate.

Palin takes the revelation of this Clinton story as an opportunity to turn the tables on the Democrats. On Twitter, Palin stated: “Look who fired the 1st shot in the real “war on women.” Hint: it wasn’t the GOP.” Of course, the excerpt from Clinton’s “Hard Choices” is the proof of that.

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