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Clinton Kelly releases 'Effortless Table' dinnerware line through Macy's

Clinton Kelly
Photo by Fernando Leon

Clinton Kelly has built an incredible fan base since appearing on “What Not to Wear” and “The Chew.” He comes off as someone who fans can relate to, which is appealing for viewers. Right now “The Chew” is on summer hiatus and is set to return shortly, but that isn't the only thing Kelly has going for him right now. According to a September 2 Facebook post from the official Facebook of Clinton Kelly, Clinton Kelly has released a dinnerware line exclusively through Macy's. The line is titled “Effortless Table” and comes in either a four-piece place setting package or six mugs and dessert plates package.

Along with the exclusive line through Macy's, Clinton Kelly was also announced as the face of the wedding and gift registry. Kelly is dubbed as “Weddings' Best Man” for the campaign. You can watch clips with tips about what to do and what not to do when putting together your wedding registry at Macy's. Kelly is the man to go to when planning any party, and you can be sure his advice will be top notch.

With everything going on, Clinton Kelly is a very busy man! The dinnerware line is designed to appeal to everyone, which is why it is predicted to be a huge success. There are several different colors to choose from, and the line is affordable. A four-piece place setting set will cost $49.99 on sale without shipping, which is comparable to what the average person would spend on something similar. This line can be used for a fancy dinner party or for your everyday dinnerware. It is a must-have and the fact that Kelly is the genius behind it is a bonus.

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