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Clinton Kelly has Style Chat at Macy's and Fashion Show

Clinton Kelly turned Macy's Lenox second floor into the perfect place for a fashion show and a little style chatting. If you have ever wondered ....If this skirt is too young for me? or Can I look stylish at the playground? or even What's wrong with red lipstick? Then asking the fashion guru Clinton Kelly during his exclusive style chatting session was the perfect time to get the answer to your questions. For those unable to attend the fashion pow wow session social media enables one to still get a question out to Kelly by using the hash-tag #HelpMeClinton on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Kelly is sending out personalized advice on all kinds of subjects for a limited time.

#Help Me Clinton
pics by M. Colbert

Kelly, who is celebrating the culmination of a 10 year span of fashion consulting on the popular show, "What Not to Wear," says he learned a lot about women from doing that show. He started off the evening with good sense advice and says he works from the expectation that the way we dress says to people how we want to be treated.

Actually, Clinton Kelly shows off his understanding of women by delivering a freaking fabulous fashion show with women of all sizes. There were some dazzling dresses that are perfect to wear for a holiday gathering. Additionally, there were some age appropriate choices for women who are contemplating what to wear as they get into their 40's and beyond. Kelly also took some time to give out tips for fashion. One of the big shoe tips is to be careful when wearing over the knee boots. Kelly says this accessory can quickly turn from classy to trashy.

Estee Lauder was a sponsor of the event and gave makeovers and even discounts for those in the audience. Macy's customers were also treated to tasty treats and sparkly Macy's cosmetics bags. Macy's helped make the evening a splendid Girl's Night Out and Clinton Kelly certainly knows all about women.

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