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The Drudge 'Grandma Hillary' report outraged Clinton fans

New York  Daily News' editor interprets The Drudge Report 'Grandma Hillary' banner
New York Daily News' editor interprets The Drudge Report 'Grandma Hillary' banner
Common use/ Twitter screenprint

As a testament to Hillary Clinton's enduring popularity, it didn't take long for some of her supporters to rally in outrage against Thursday's Drudge Report banner headline, "Grandma Hillary." The Drudge Report recent image and headline of Hillary was interpreted as sexist and ageist, an overt effort to focus on Hillary's age as a vulnerability.

To his credit as a Hillary defender, as quick as New York Daily News opinion editor, reporter Josh Greenman could capture the Drudge Report banner and add a bit of text and some red arrows, he tweeted, "Drudge interpretation," his take on the message the Drudge Report was sending on Twitter. Greenman's added text read, "She's old! She's old!"

Soon others chirped in on Twitter, adding to the chorus of "age discrimination" charges against the Drudge Report. Following the social engine's liberal uproar at the Drudge Report, Hillary's photo was replaced. A Twitchy comment observed, "Drudge changed the headline pic, to show a black and white of the old haggard non-smiling Hillary:)"

The Colbert Report took on a Fox News feature about Clinton's age which pointed out that Hillary would be 69 years old in 2016, highlighting his opinion the GOP had a sexist double standard when it came to age.

Colbert called it a "bombshell," saying, "That's right. In 2016, Hillary will be two years older. " Colbert added, "That's way old... I mean, she's going to be almost as old as Ronald Reagan was."

The Republican field is dominated with younger potential candidates such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Republicans are counting on their spate of youthful candidates to be more appealing to young voters. It is predicted that the GOP will cast older Democrats as folks whose time has come, and gone .

GOP election guru Karl Rove recently as much as said so, when he reflected on Hillary as a presidential candidate, "Perhaps in the Democratic primary and certainly in the general election, there’s going to be an argument that the time for a change of leadership has come. The idea that we’re at the end of her generation and that it’s time for another to step forward is certainly going to be compelling.”

Following a rash of February articles about Hillary's age, The Drudge Report used another candid image of Clinton, with the headline, "Is Hillary Clinton Too Old to Run?" The image was particularly stark and seemed to fit the accusations made yesterday that The Drudge Report is intent on sending a subliminal message to young voters that "Grandma Hillary" is old, much too old to be president. Is Matt Drudge right?

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