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Clinton criticizes Iran and Syria at American Jewish Conference annual meeting

Strong words regarding the Iranian and Syrian regimes came from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the American Jewish Conference's annual conference April 29, 2010, according to CNN.

Iranian leader's anti-Semitism, nuclear ambitions, and hostility condemned

Clinton heavily criticized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his hostility and lack of cooperation with the West over major nuclear and security concerns and anti-Semitic remarks.

"Iran... continues to threaten Israel, destabilize the region, and sponsor terror," Clinton reportedly told the assembly.

Clinton's harsh rebuke comes before Ahmadinejad is due to arrive in New York for a United Nations conference on nuclear non-proliferation beginning May 3, 2010. The U.S. government is likely to approve his request for a visa, according to CNN.

Human rights another issue between the two countries

Tensions between Iran and the U.S., which has also expressed concern about the Tehran regime's human rights record, hit Chicago as well when Roxana Saberi, a graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in north suburban Evanston, was imprisoned in a notorious prison facility in Iran on charges of being a spy.

A special report for the Chicago Tribune followed-up with Saberi who, reflecting on the experience a year after her release, said she was galvanized during her captivity by news that fellow students rallied together for her freedom. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Iranian governments became involved in a high-profile diplomatic tug-of-war the over her case.

Iranian-Americans were also very vocal during the series of mass street demonstrations in Iran protesting alleged electoral fraud that saw Ahmadinejad being re-elected despite initial forecasts that a more moderate opponent would win. Rallies were staged in Chicago and other major American cities in sympathy with the Iranian demonstrators and Twitter became a hotspot for opponents of the regime worldwide.

Syria also on Clinton's hit-list

Clinton also spoke of the "grave dangers of Syria's transfer of weapons to [Hezbollah]," a strongly anti-Israel political group active in Lebanon that has been labeled by the U.S. a terrorist group. She said such an action and policy by Damascus would seriously threaten stability in a region where tensions and hostilities run high and also violate a resolution by the UN Security Council.

"We do not accept such provocative and destabilizing behavior -- and nor should the international community," Clinton said. "President Assad is making decisions that could mean war or peace for the region."

She stressed that Obama's plan to appoint an ambassador to Syria is not "a reward or a concession," but that the engagement was in part "aimed at changing Syria's behavior."


  • Esther Haman 4 years ago

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday “..their “Iran’s” violations since signing the NPT are “absolutely indisputable.”. What a Lie Mrs Secretary!! Are we acting as IAEA inspectors now? The UN and the IAEA inspectors have not found anything on Iran’s nuclear program for the last 10 years and they are still in charge and control of the Iranian’s LEU and program.

    So, it is time for us to admit that we are only pushing this B.S. and non sense because we are forced by the Zionists to do so. The Iran phobia and these scare tactics by the Zionists is only designed to divert our attentions from their refusal to make piece with the Palestinians, that is all.

    The Zionists have used their nuclear umbrella to committee murder and atrocities against Humanity that world has not seen since WWII and it is documented by the UN in the latest “Goldstone” report. why then should Iran be punished when it is the Zionists who have introduced the A-bombs into the Middle East in the first

  • Esther Haman 4 years ago

    The rogue Zionists Apartheid state should be dismantled with their A-bombs as South Africa’s apartheid state, so there is a precedent here to act on. We have to distance ourselves from these people and don’t be implicated in their crimes any longer.

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    Right on Esther.

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    Clinton and all the other dual Israelis in our government, need to move to Israel since they love it there more than here. I think they call it treason that they practice.

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    ""Iran... continues to threaten Israel, destabilize the region, and sponsor terror," Clinton reportedly told the assembly."

    Hmm, Israel is the one who is doing these things...who is Iran destabilizing? And where and when did Iran threaten Israel who threatens EVERYONE around them, including Europe and the US?

    What is good for the goose is definately good for the gander, Israel is looking like the spoiled little problem child who threatens someone and then cries when they get a response. I say, let Israel attack themselves...the quickest way to get a dog to quit chasing to let him catch one!!

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    ""We do not accept such provocative and destabilizing behavior -- and nor should the international community," Clinton said. "

    Clinton must either be the stupidest person alive, or has an agenda, my guess is the latter. Iran has done NO such things, only Israel has been doing these things, Clinton is so far up Israels behind, she really needs to move and live there. Who keeps electing these people? They will get us all killed, Russia and China are backing Iran, and they have nukes, Russia decided to take the US stance on pre-emptive strikes....let THAT one sink in for a bit. You people want war? I will buy the rifle and plane ticket, you go attack Iran without my countrymen, Im sure you will get a heros honor in Israel.

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    "Syria also on Clinton's hit-list"

    Everyone Israel doesnt approve of or cant control is on Clintons hit list. They are no threat to us and I will never be afraid. Our own government is doing more damage to our country than any country on earth could do.

  • RSBL 4 years ago

    """We do not accept such provocative and destabilizing behavior "

    Let me rephrase that:

    We do not accept anyone we dont like doing what we like to do.