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Clinton Anderson in Fort Worth - March 13 and 14

Clinton's recently published book
Clinton's recently published book
Photo of Book Cover

Don't miss your chance to see Clinton Anderson up close and in person at his Walkabout Tour at the Will Rogers Memorial Center on March 13 and 14.  Clinton's website is currently accepting submissions of challenging (or you may say - problem - horses) to be used during his tour to demonstrate the effectiveness of his methods. 

Most everyone has a dream when they become a horseowner.  Be it riding with the wind, feeling free as a bird or simply being greeted by a gentle nicker upon arriving at the barn.  However, horses are giant scaredy cats and often react to objects and events in ways that, we as humans, don't readily understand.

In other words, you can get seriously or fatally injured by your horse.  There was an incident a year or two ago in which a young rider apparently popped open a can of soda while on her horse.  The hissing sound was said to have spooked her horse who ran galloping down the trail in terror with the youngster being dragged.  It is very tragic to report that the rider died from the injuries.  

Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to life's twists and turns.  But, with following an experienced horse clinician's methods like Clinton Anderson, you can surely reduce your risks and increase your enjoyment of your horse.

Hope that you will make plans to attend Clinton's Tour.  See details on his website:


  • Marcy 5 years ago

    I am so excited about this event! I will be there with bells on!!!

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