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Clint Eastwood shares some thoughts about life

It appears that Clint Eastwood is in the running for one of the longest successful careers in Hollywood history. Eastwood recently reflected on age, America and acting reported Fox News on June 16, 2014. At 84 years old Eastwood has shared his thoughts on how to remain young, the first time he acted and why he thinks America is floundering.

Actor Clint Eastwood attends Warner Bros. Pictures' “The Big Picture”, an Exclusive Presentation Highlighting the Summer of 2014 and Beyond in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

It is Eastwood's feeling that you gain more experience as you get older which should be valuable for anything you may want to do. As long as your mind stays intact you have more to take with you into everything new which comes along. It's also his feeling if you're fortunate enough genetically and if you take care of yourself well than you're in a position to experiment with new things as you age. In this context Eastwood doesn't really feel you are ever actually too old to do anything.

When he was much younger Eastwood wasn't really certain what he wanted to do. As a junior high student he was forced to appear in a one-act play for his English class. The play was performed for the senior high school. He and his friends considered cutting school and not showing up for the play. However, Eastwood did the play and it went well. Although everyone was saying doing the play was fun at the time Eastwood at first had the feeling he never wanted to do anything like that again. Yet, fate took it's course and he ended up with a very successful career as an actor.

Eastwood sees America as struggling. He says the last two political regimes in Washington got into spending sprees that put the country into the longest recession it has ever seen. He's not really very happy with the government's inability to live within it's means. Eastwood was a kid during the Great Depression and he will never forget that. His parents were struggling so much to stay alive he had to live with his grandparents and different relatives during those difficult years.

Eastwood has apparently found love again in his elderly years according to another report by Fox News. He has been seen spending time with a woman named Christina Sandera who is an employee at his Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, California. They live together in the same house he shared with his ex-wife Dina. The couple seem really happy together. Finding time for romance at this time in his life seems to be part of Eastwood's formula for maintaining a feeling of youth and continuing to enjoy life as he ages.

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