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Clint Eastwood dating: New blonde girlfriend revealed

Clint Eastwood now has a new girlfriend. He was married to Dina Eastwood and they were even on the show "Mrs. Eastwood and Company" for a bit. Now things have fallen apart and they are getting a divorce. Clint was dating one woman but now he has moved on and things are looking great for the actor. On Friday, NY Daily News shared who the new woman in his life is and a bit about her.

Clint Eastwood
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images
Clint Eastwood
Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

He was spotted out grocery shopping recently with Christina Sandera. The two seem really happy together and are doing great. They are doing so well that he has already moved her into the home that he shared with his wife Dina during their marriage. This is the second woman that he was linked to since Dina and Clint decided to that they were better off apart. Barbara Walters also spoke out recently saying he was the one who got away and you can read about it at this link.

She works as a hostess. Christina actually works at Eastwood's Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, Calif. This means she is his employee. It is unknown how long she will end up working there though. If she stays with Clint Eastwood, it might be a bit strange to keep dating his employee. Things are looking great for this couple.