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Climber 32 years missing: Frozen body on mountain since 1982 found by hikers

Missing climber's frozen body found 32 years after he went missing on mountain.
Missing climber's frozen body found 32 years after he went missing on mountain.
Wikimedia Commons/ Mont Blanc

A missing climber has been found on top of the mountain he set out to hike and then ski back down in 1982. Hikers scaling Mont Blanc in the Alps came across the frozen remains of Patrice Hyvert and notified authorities, according to the Huffington Post on July 9.

The French climber was just 23 when he took off on a solo climb on March 1, 1982. His plans were to reach the top and ski back down, but the weather changed and the early morning calm weather of the mountain turned harsh and unforgiving that afternoon. Another climber who went up on a separate trek from Hyvert had to be airlifted off the mountain two days later.

According to MSN News, Hyvert was training to be a mountain guide, so it was a place he loved and felt secure exploring. Finding the identity of the body was made easy because Hyvert’s identification was still in his wallet when he was discovered.

No one has heard from Hyvert since that day he left to climb Mont Blanc back in '82. Hyvert’s body was retrieved from the mountain and police officially identified his remains.

When Hyvert’s frozen remains were discovered, his 82-year-old father was notified and the body was returned to the family for a burial. His father was shocked to hear his son was found after all these years, but he always knew where he was.

Gerard Hyvert, who describes himself as a "mountain man," said that the notification that his son's body was found had just confirmed what he always knew. The mountain claimed his son. What he said next might surprise some, but others who have great love and respect for the outdoors would understand.

Gerard told a local French radio station the he “would have preferred him to stay up there. He was better on a mountain than in a coffin,” said the man’s father. “He was in his element.”
Mont Blanc has claimed the lives of many mountain climbers over the years. It is the highest mountain in the Alps. Today a search and rescue is underway for two hikers that have been missing since Sunday.

When people go missing and aren’t located within a few days, it is usually the following year that their bodies are discovered when the ice starts to thaw. It took 32 years of thawing ice for Hyvert’s body to be discovered, but for the man's father it was bitter-sweet.

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