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Boston, MA: launches its first annual Back To School Sale today! Gear up for a great school year with 20% off solar backpacks, dorm-sized laundry racks, reusable lunch containers, books and more. Our great back-to-school products help students lower the carbon footprint of their awesome and active lifestyles. The sale runs until September 15, 2014 and aims to get students engaged in climate change issues and reducing their own dependence on fossil fuels. launched on Earth Day 2014 and is designed to help visitors of all ages learn about climate science and its impacts, get motivated to act, set up plans to reduce their carbon emissions, and provide products to help achieve personalized reduction goals. For college students there is a great selection of collapsible laundry racks, LED light bulbs, and cell phone cases equipped with solar panels to keep gadgets charged using renewable energy. For high school students and elementary aged children, ClimateStore offers a variety of backpacks and messengers made from upcycled materials, and BPA-free 100% recycled snack containers. Each product is evaluated to identify exactly how it reduces carbon emissions, including the production, use, and disposal phases of the product’s lifecycle. The environmental benefits are shown in our simple icon system on the product pages.

Learn more about how you and your family can reduce your carbon footprints at home or at school.

About ClimateStore Inc.:

The mission of ClimateStore Inc. is to make it fun and easy for people to reduce their carbon footprint in the age of human-caused climate change. The company was founded in 2013 and is building a national brand where consumers can learn about climate change, make an action plan, and find products to reduce their carbon impact. Consistent with its mission, the company runs its operations in a carbon neutral manner; the company’s website is powered by wind energy, its operational and shipping footprint is managed through carbon offsets, and employees are offered incentives to use public transportation. ClimateStore Inc. also relies on partnerships with like-minded organizations such as 1% for the Planet in order to support reforestation initiatives and climate change awareness programs. opened for business on Earth Day 2014.

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