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Climate: The only thing that never changes is change

Protesters against the Keystone Pipeline believe manmade global warming is caused by human activity.
Protesters against the Keystone Pipeline believe manmade global warming is caused by human activity.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The old adage, "The only thing that never changes is change," suddenly has taken on a new sense of relevance when it comes to one of the most important issues of our day -- climate change. No one can argue the point that the climate is changing. The point of contention is whether or not mankind is causing it and thus, should governments mandate massive changes in human behavior to address it.

The Obama administration is now ready to unleash a highly restrictive series of executive orders in order to address his grand pronouncement last week that manmade climate change is on the brink of destroying the planet. It was one of the worst "the sky is falling" types of hysteria ever to proceed from the White House. The report is encapsulated in the Third National Climate Assessment.

But the hysteria is about to hit every single American right in the pocketbook. Obama wishes to destroy the coal industry due to its primary role in pouring earth-murdering carbons into the air. Coal is vital to our economy and way of life. As it stands, without coal there would be very little electricity. And coal is not the only target. All so-called "fossil fuels" are just as dangerous, says Obama, and thus they must be restricted as well. The frightening part about these hysterics is that we the people get no vote. Our elected officials in Congress get no vote. Obama plans to mandate these things by executive order, according to top adviser Valerie Jarrett and extremist Soros collectivist John Podesta. The result will be energy shortages and sky-high costs to every American.

Thus, it is vital that the forces of rationality, hard science, and cool heads come together to counter this avalanche of climate lies unleashed by extremists whose real goal is to decimate capitalism and usher in Marxism. And of course the mouthpieces of these collectivists, the mainstream media, are gladly getting these lies propagated across the nation.

Perhaps the best place to start is at the point at which we can all agree, if we are rational -- the only thing that does not change is change itself. The climate on earth always changes. It always has and it always will no matter what human beings do. Hard science, the kind that is non-agenda driven, can prove that throughout epochs of time the earth has tilted between periods of heat and extreme cold, even long before human beings inhabited the earth, and therefore long before we could put the dreaded earth-killing carbons into the air.

Did humans bring on the first Ice Age? It's hard for them to do that since they weren't even here yet. Did humans cause the warm up after that Ice Age? Again, their ghosts must have done it since there were no humans engaging in homicidal carbon activity. How about the second Ice Age? What did we do to cause that? And what did we do to bring us out of that Ice Age by warming up the environment? The truth is, the earth has been warming up since the end of the last Ice Age, some 9,000 years ago.

These facts are the reason one of the coldest areas of the earth -- Greenland -- was assigned a name that belies its current ice laden environment. At one point, even before the last Ice Age, Greenland was actually green. And it had a moderate climate where vegetation could grow with no problem. Similarly, the great Sahara Desert was once an ocean. Climate change changed all of that.

But beyond the obvious fact that the earth's climate has always been changing, the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) has provided extensive research showing the substantial errors in the thinking and pronouncements of the religion of manmade climate change. The ICSC has referred to the Obama plan, the Third National Climate Assessment, as a "fairy tale." The Coalition further provides a video of Obama czar Jon Holdren delivering an error-ridden summary of the Assessment.

The most important of these links, however, is the ICSC's own denunciation of the Third National Climate Assessment. Plus, the ISCS shows at the very least that the science is definitely not settled, contrary to the oft-repeated mantra of Barack Obama, not to mention that thousands of scientists around the world are not on the manmade climate change bandwagon, even to the point of denouncing it as propaganda.

So what is the bottom line in light of the fairy tale of the Obama notion that manmade climate change is settled science and therefore America must disrupt its entire way of life in order to address it? Americans who have the capacity to think rationally must not only denounce but resist the push to destroy the coal industry, forcing the country into a "green energy" haven, energy that does not have the capacity to meet all of the nation's needs. The simple truth is that all of the green energy put together cannot sustain our way of life nor keep us free. The restrictions will deprive Americans of choices, forcing citizens to be at the complete mercy of government tyrants who will decide for us how much energy we can use.

Contrary to the views of climate extremists, the issue is not whether or not to use coal and fossil fuels but how to use them in such a way that we not only sustain our way of life but avoid pollution as much as humanly possible, not to reverse so-called manmade climate change but to keep the air as clean as possible.

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