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Climate cooling: It's snowing in Paoli

“’Twas two days past Christmas, when throughout the Peaks

  The snow finally started flying, late by only two weeks….”

As the snow flew, instructor Justin Pope (red) explained snowboarding to Dima (l) and Jerry Lindsey.

Indeed, Sunday was “The Big Day,” the day on which Mother Nature awakened. The air was cold; the wind, strong. The time was 2:15 p.m. Within five minutes, snowfall was heavy and blowing. For the first time in a year, winter had unleashed itself.

Some skiers enjoyed it: “This is great!” “Where has it been for so long!?”

Some skiers, safe to say beginners, were less than excited: “It’s too cold!”

Skiers could feel the difference in snow under foot: The afternoon’s storm of natural snow was quickly blanketing the base, consisting of purely artificial snow. Experienced skiers and snowboarders felt the difference immediately: Newly arrived natural snow was drier, softer, and “gripped” their skis, slowing their downhill speeds by about 5 percent.

By evening, when the snowburst had slowed to a trickle, a couple inches of fresh, free snow were down, and skiers of all skills were enjoying. Carla Martin was aboard skis. Marcus Conner chose a snowboard. Jerry Lindsey and son, Dima, enrolled in a snowboard lesson “to try to figure this out.” They had traveled from Nashville, Tenn.

Thickness of the base now ranges from 20” to 30”.

Skiing at the Peaks will continue at “full speed ahead” into the new year. Holiday hours will remain in effect throughout Christmas Week: Lifts will go into motion at 9 a.m. through Jan. 3, weather permitting.

All skiers planning trips to Paoli Peaks can watch highlights of recent events via YouTube.