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Climate Change: Paul Beckwith discusses the threat of methane

In Part 2 of the live Skype session held at the Sun Gallery on June 17, 2014, part-time Professor Paul Beckwith took questions from the audience about climate change, with methane being one of the over-riding topics of concerns posed by concerned show attendees.

As part of the art show at the gallery: A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change, participants were encouraged to ask the professor any questions they had about climate change. Many of the interesting topics that were covered were:

  • Methane gas and its role in super heating the atmosphere
  • The rise in methane that has been observed since 2007
  • The AMEG (Arctic Methane Emergency Group) and it's concerns about a rapid release of methane and what it could do to current predictions about future climate change
  • The lack of coverage on methane in the latest IPCC report
  • Concerns about fracking and how it impacts the earth, including human induced earthquakes
  • The rise of earthquakes and volcanic activity globally, and how climate change and the melting ice masses impact the earth (everything is connected)
  • The immediate need to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels in the impending climate crisis
  • How politics and special interest groups play a role in the delay of climate change action
  • The possibility of geo-engineering in the Arctic region to slow down and /or halt a complete melt down of the Arctic
  • What the negative and positive consequences of geo-engineering could mean to the earth and its inhabitants
  • The expected doubling and tripling of food prices within the next 2-4 years because of massive crop failures and drought
  • The "tipping point in human behavior" which has not yet happened among the masses
  • Future extreme weather events which are expected to rise exponentially

In Part 1 of the live Skype session Beckwith introduces himself, his background and gives an overview of the climate system. In Part 3 more questions are taken from social media, which is an element of the show that was designed to engage audience participation to learn about climate change. The show will be running till July 27 at the Sun Gallery at 1015 E St in Hayward, Ca. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from 11-5.

This Thursday June 24 between 6-7 the gallery will be holding its last event of the show which will be a special Skype session with children. Families are encouraged to attend and bring their children to ask the Professor questions about climate change, endangered species, ocean acidification and climate change education.

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