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Climate change issues go hip: The Inconvenient Youth give teens voice


Former vice president and Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore’s Climate Project set Earth Day as the kick-off day for a revolutionary new teen initiative, “The Inconvenient Youth.” The focus of this group is to allow teens to gain a stronger voice in climate change issues that must be tackled by the next generation. The project is coordinated through the Inconvenient Youth website, which serves as a news and social change network.

Gore envisions the website to be a think tank for environmental issues. He strongly believes that the future of the planet depends on the creative ideas and youthful energy of teens to propel change in addressing the most critical issues of environmental change. The website encourages communication of actions and ideas that can improve the climate through a variety of activities such as: recycling, energy savings, and prudent food choices.

Parents and educators are encouraged to visit the website and sign up for a newsletter that provides current projects and activities. Volunteer supporters are encouraged to get involved in the project to help interested teens to successfully complete important environmental issues. 

The goal of Inconvenient Youth is to promote critical thinking among youth and allow them to expand the frontiers of environmental change and sustainability. The quest of sustainability proponents is to discover how to best use natural resources in a prudent manner that will not deplete energy resources for the next generation. The new choice of sustainable energy in Tennessee is toward the use of solar power to provide electrical power for residential and business customers.

The issue of energy costs in Tennessee is becoming an area of concern. Energy producer, TVA has increased the cost per kilowatt to its customers three times in the last three months due to increased costs of fossil fuels. The need to explore alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and water is great. Additionally, some areas of the country are following the example of European innovators that use large-scale garbage incinerators to produce electricity at an affordable rate without producing excessive amounts of pollution.

The baton is passing to the youth to shape the future of the environment.


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