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Climate Change is Already Here

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Climate change isn't something far off in the future. It's happening right now and conditions are expected to get worse. There will be more wildfires, flooding and drought. Cities and states across America already are spending lots of money to respond.

Scientists have put together a report that identifies specific threats should climate change continue. One major concern is that sea level will rise at least four feet by the end of the century depending on how Greenland and Antarctic ice melts. This could be tragic for the millions of people living along the ocean and tropical islands.

President Obama has pledged to renew his efforts on the issue in his finial four years. He has introduced new regulations on vehicle emissions and created climate hubs that help businesses prepare for the effects of climate change.

The most powerful way that the average person can combat climate change is to be informed, so they know how to vote for the people that have the power to make big decisions. Other ways people can help with the environment is recycling, compost waste and rely on public transportation.