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Climate Change Debate: Science versus Cult

Wildfire forces evacuation of thousands in San Diego
Wildfire forces evacuation of thousands in San Diego
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Climate change deniers are steadfast in their belief that the scientific community is wrong about global warming due to human activities, but offer no empirical evidence to the contrary, only opinion based on a belief system that is unassailable. Having made up their minds before any debate cannot assail their position with facts. They can advance a doubt on an affirmative proposition and that is that. Case close.

Having an opinion based on a fundamental belief is having an accepted truth and reality not worthy of a debate because such opinion is not open to change. This is the definition of a cult, a group of very devoted believers outside the mainstream of critical thinking. The scientific community is almost unanimous about the threat of climate change. A cult would choose to deny the ocean getting warmer yet would tend to believe in a story about a global flood that wiped out all of humanity and all living things except one family and animals in an ark. The human race should all look like the lone survivors of the great flood but the clear evidence of widespread human and animal diversity will not dissuade devoted believers.

A cult could also be based on a political covenant where acceptance of climate change amounts to mortal sin, a transgression against the high power it is dependent on for political and economic support. Arguing against a faith-based position is futile.

Science has made giant strides to improve the fortune of the planet and inhabitants, but it has not always been correct and sometimes places lives in jeopardy. Perhaps an “act of god” could reverse the dire scientific prediction of climate change but why take the gamble? Present generation owes future generations to leave a better place. Start the debate on solutions.