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Climate change conference collapses

melting_glacier-photolib_noaa_gov.jpg glacier

Mired in a struggle for money and power, the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference collapsed under the weight of its own greed without a substantive agreement. The multi nation participants left the gathering generally unfulfilled and lacking the commitments for additional revenue that had been sought by the poorer countries.

President Barrack Obama, attempting to put the best face forward on the colossal political failure said that, “We are ready to get this done today but there has to be movement on all sides to recognize that (it) is better for us to act rather than talk.”

With lofty expectations, the Copenhagen Conference was supposed to be the culmination of negotiations that created the Kyoto Protocol. The Bali convention further produced an agreement where the signatories to the UN Climate Framework were supposed to finalize a treaty that would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Instead, a weak, essentially non binding agreement emerged from Copenhagen that mandates each signatory nation to outline the steps they will take to cut greenhouse gases by specific amounts. The agreement also confirms the commitment of the eight industrialized nations to cut long term emissions, and provide aid to “poor” countries to cope with the effects of global warming.

There are also targets established that prohibit global temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius, as well as a goal of reducing harmful emissions by 50% by 2050 with industrialized countries cutting emissions by 80%.

Smaller, economically disadvantaged countries were quick to criticize the agreement for the lack of money they say they desperately need. Delegate Thomas Negints from Papua, New Guinea had this comment, “President Obama was not very proactive. He didn’t offer anything more.” Negints also said that he had hoped for, “more on emissions, put more money on the table, take the lead.”

Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, the Sudanese chairman of the G77 remarked that, “"We have been asked to sign a suicide pact,” and that the accord would mean “certain death for Africa.” He was also critical of the lack of money pledged to poorer countries. "Ten billion dollars is not enough to buy us coffins.”

In light of the pseudo science and the purposeful distortion of data and dissenting opinion surrounding climate change, Americans should be thankful that there was no consensus reached in Copenhagen.

Predictably, the underlying purpose of these global warming conferences is to redistribute wealth to poorer countries and subsequently into the pockets of their corrupt governments, while attempting to further degrade the prosperity of the United States.

All Americans should pay particularly close attention to the validity of the science behind global warming, and where the power and money trail leads.


  • Tex 5 years ago

    Now that global warming has been exposed as fraud, these events should simply be cancelled. The rep from Sudan can continue clear-cutting his own forests to build coffins. Does anyone believe under-developed nations in Africa care about climate issues or do they show up looking for obama to dole out millions more of our tax dollars?

  • ab 5 years ago

    If people want a green world.
    then stop buying Chineese products.

    China frustrated the COP top,
    now people of the world decide themselves.

    No more "made by china" unless approved by a green label.
    We make china transparent! That should be done anyway.
    Digital democracy of the third millennium: how can you expect your
    government to take responsibility if you do not even bother about a green
    label ?

    You don't have to wait tille the next top, start yourselves, start today, start small! If governments want to join, they shloud implement green labels. Imagine a green label, next to "made by china" hi hi