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Climate Change comes Home to California

The lack of water threatens California long term economy
The lack of water threatens California long term economy

From California to Texas the ongoing drought in the western portion of the country is expected to impact cattle men, vineyards and farmers alike as the ongoing three year drought continues to leave reservoirs and lakes at levels 70 percent below their capacity. To make matters worse drought conditions have made the mountains and valley’s a tinderbox which threatens to erupt into flames with each passing thunderstorm menacing additional nearby homes and wild life in the area.

For many across this nations they sympathize with those affected by the drought, but chances are many deep down truly do not understand how this regional drought has the capacity of impacting all of us across America and the global economy by restricting available products coupled with higher pricing.

The direct impact to America’s economy for those on the West coast could be reminiscent of the recent recession as home values in areas mostly affected by drought begin to tumble due to the lack of today’s basic necessity, water. Homes located in areas of excessive drought will put sellers and buyers alike at risk of both slower home sales and buyers unwittingly buying into the uncertainty that the home they purchased may become uninhabitable due to lack of water to service their basic needs. Although portable water is an option, if not an inconvenience to most modern families, portable water does not fill fire hydrants or provide a community the millions of gallons of water required to flush toilets on a daily bases. The lack water to any home then becomes an immediate health and safety concern for the community, leaving the town’s code enforcement office with only one option, the home cannot be occupied until more water becomes available. This new concern has the potential of raising area insurance rates and bank financing qualifications.

Another area that will be directly affected is recreation in the form of boating, camping and snow skiing. A boat need water and after all what is camping without sitting around an open camp fire telling tall tales. All of these factors and more have the potential of affecting the unemployment numbers in the area, which in turn will place a higher burden on public services and decrease the already sluggish State revenue coffers.

Was the problem over the years predictable, the answer is yes, but somehow mankind has over the decades encased himself in a bubble only to become complacent to many of the problem’s that surround him. For he alone it would seem has forgotten that he as well as she is in fact living on a living planet where nothing is certain, not even the rain that may fall or the ground we stand on. Yet knowing this mankind alone persist on believing what once was will always be, forgetting about the Great Dust Bowl or other great cities in the past that were forced to flee from a rising volcano or relentless droughts. Nevertheless today mankind somehow now believe we all have a secret weapon in our arsenal to protect us from disasters, I Phones ready to dial 911 or to call the Federal Government as New Orleans did following hurricane Katrina.

The irony is as of to date less than 30% of the residents in New Orleans have rebuilt their homes, so the reality is the Federal Government is not the solution to all of our problems either.

So how did this problem get to be such a concern, maybe it’s easier to say only God knows, but the truth of the matter is mankind contributed to his own problems as well. Possibly by continuing to pollute his environment mankind has change the prevailing winds or maybe it was his desire to over extend his available resources in an area by overdeveloping the land by failing to understand projected theoretical nonsense climate trends. Maybe somehow the western states will get the rain they desperately need to escape from this ongoing drought as they have done so many times in the past. Nonetheless if they don’t in years to come it is conceivable America may see one of the greatest exoduses in history heading east. Leaving in its wake an already cashed strap State that will forever wish it had invested better into its groundwork rather than buying into its overly seemingly endless pensions for votes.

The reality is those presently in office as well as those in the past forgot what the intent of municipal taxation was intended for. Taxation intended purpose was to maintain and build a societies infrastructure, not to maintain a select few's quality of life at the expense of societies infrastructure.Today in America the majority of taxes paid by businesses as well as home owners goes towards pensions and social services, leaving very little left to maintain and update its infrastructure.The lack of spending taxable revenue as it was intended decreases necessary road work, repair of bridges, dams, levies, parks and eventually puts us all at risk financially as well as quality of life..Nevertheless it also has another hidden affect, by not spending the money as it was intended it also directly increases the unemployment numbers. As local, State and Federal government invest into a community to improve the quality of life more goods locally are purchased as well as those hired to perform the services contracted. All of this has a direct trickle down impact on the quality of life in a community!

To solely blame the ongoing drought in the west on climate change would be wrong, a better way of describing the chain of events is mismanagement of projected available resources by mankind.

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