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Climate change and social media: Skyping with Paul Beckwith

As part of a local art show, "A Volatile Terrain: The Art of Climate Change," attendees on July 17 got to talk to a real live climate change professor at The Sun Gallery located in Hayward, Ca. As part of the interactive social media element of the show, participants at the gallery live Skyped with part-time Professor Paul Beckwith with the University of Ottawa and asked questions about climate change, abrupt climate change, methane and the drought in California.

In Part 1 of this session: "Professor Paul Beckwith Live Skype Q & A on Climate Change," Beckwith introduces himself, talks about his background and also touches on current events including the tragic crash yesterday of Malaysian Flight 17. He talks about the role social media plays in current events and news on climate change and discusses his continuing effort to educate people about climate change. His hopes are that with education, people will be better prepared to transition to our new climate when food prices begin to soar and extreme disasters continue to worsen. The subject of methane gas comes up towards the end of the session and is a recurring topic throughout the next 2 parts, which will be discussed more in depth of Part 2 and Part 3 of this special Skype session with the Professor.

The next interactive event in conjunction with the show will be held tomorrow Saturday July 19 from 2-4 with special presenter Jennifer Koney, a participating artist who will be holding a workshop called: "What?! Sharks in my Backyard?" - an interactive session exploring the expected 55" sea level rise coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. The event is free and open to the public. Next week on July 24, the last event of the show will be held with the Professor live Skyping with children at the gallery. All families are encouraged to attend with their children and talk with the Professor about their concerns about the environment, loss of habitat, the California drought and all questions relating to climate change. The Skype session will be from 6-7 at the gallery and everyone is invited to attend.

The Art of Climate Change show and exhibit will be running for another week at The Sun Gallery located at 1015 E St. in Hayward, Ca. 94544. Gallery hours are Thursday - Sunday from 11-5. Part 2 and 3 of this special Skype session with Beckwith will be published and ready for viewing in the next article here at the San Francisco Examiner. Please subscribe to the RSS feed above to be notified when future articles by Dorsi Diaz are published.

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