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Climate alarmists shrug as their policies obliterate the Middle Class‏

According to William Becker of the Climate Action Project, the left's relentless annihilation of Blue Collar jobs--through the EPA's fanatical, Constitution-shredding war on all things oil and coal--is merely "collateral damage" to be accepted as the necessary growing pains of "progress" (i.e., forcing through ineffective, inefficient 'green' technologies that triple the cost of producing energy).

A bulldozer works a coal mound at the Appalachian Electric Power coal-fired Big Sandy Power Plant June 3, 2014
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

Writing last week in the Huffington Post, Becker openly admitted that "there is nothing explicit" in the left's incredibly hostile anti-business policies to protect the countless Middle Class families in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio whose lives are being rampantly destroyed by his needlessly extreme insistence on the complete and immediate abandoning of all fossil fuels...but still shrugged off all of this disastrous fallout as "worth it" to "save" the world from the left's scaremongering climate hoax.

(Never mind the fact that the majority of Americans reject this debunked anti-science crusade as utterly unimportant--second only to the other issue Democrats put at the top of their wildly out-of-the-mainstream agenda--race relations)

From Investor's Business Daily:

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce finds that the new EPA regulations will destroy 200,000 mostly blue-collar energy jobs, reduce the U.S. GDP by about $50 billion a year and cost families thousands of dollars over the next decade in higher energy costs.

Newsflash: There are such things as business-friendly environmental solutions...but not from the hysterical Luddite ideologues of the left. For them, the only answer is the one that decimates American energy production while absolutely devastating the free market and putting government in charge of every aspect of our lives.

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