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Clifton police officer treated for gunshot wound inflicted while shooting dog

Police shoots himself
Police shoots himself

According to a July 21 report by, a Clifton, New Jersey police officer is recovering from a gunshot to the hand, self-inflicted when the Essex County officer fired his weapon at a pit bull on July 21.

The officer, who remains unidentified, was visiting a home in the 100 block of Harrison Street shortly before 4:00p.m. When a resident of the home opened the door, a pit bull allegedly charged out of the house at the officer.

The officer drew his service weapon, and accidentally fired one shot, striking the dog. The officer also shot his own hand. Another detective was on the scene, and wasn't injured. Neither did the other officer find it necessary to shoot the dog.

The officer injured, a 16-year veteran of the force, was taken to a nearby hospital. He is currently in stable condition.

The injured dog was taken by animal control to receive treatment.

Anthony Ambrose, the chief detective for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, declined to name the officer due to an ongoing investigation. A Clifton spokesman also refused to comment.

Authorities are sticking to their story that a northern New Jersey police office accidentally shot himself when a dog attacked..

While the Clifton Police Department will no doubt find some reason to justify this shooting, the officer should consider himself fortunate the person answering the door wasn't injured.

No doubt, this being yet another "charging dog" scenario, the officer will most likely be cleared of any wrongdoing. He'll most likely be the butt of jokes within his department for years to come.

This isn't the first time a police officer has been injured while shooting at a dog. Back in May 2013, a Chicago police officer shot his partner in the thigh while firing at a dog.

A 10-year-old Douglas, Georgia boy was recently shot by a Coffee County officer firing at a dog.

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